A flower bruised

“A flower, if you bruise her under your feet, rewards you by giving you her perfume. And we, because we have been trodden under the feet of the communists, have only one thought – to give them what we have best. The knowledge of salvation and of eternal life.”

 – Richard Wurmbrand, who spent a total of 14 years in Communist prisons in his homeland of Romania. He was kidnapped and put in prison shortly after speaking out against the communist regime at a meeting of clergy organised by the communists.

The image above, altered and retouched, was originaly created and posted by the same author at http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz69/oneglorytoGod/Quotes/Aflowerifyoubruiseherunderyourfeet.jpg


  1. Stepping on a flower is akin to stepping on a plant’s sexual organ…yet we slice these organs off, display and decorate and wear.
    Who is the orge…

    • Eric, that is an interesting thought. There is something inherently brutal about stepping on a flower isn’t there? Something so delicate seems to demand being treated with a certain amount of resepct, whether you value it or not. It makes the imagry of the flower in this quote all the more striking when you think of how it was intended to repreesnt real, tender, fragile human beings, whose lives were stepped on and crushed, only because they would not renounce their faith in God, or because something they said or did was deemed by the Communists to be subversive to the Communist government.

      Thank you for sharing Eric and for visiting!

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