Urban Obstacle

Urban Obstacle by Digital Witness
Urban Obstacle, a photo by Digital Witness on Flickr.

I’m an urban obstacle

in paths of least resistance

and were it not for inconvenience

I’d be on no one’s mind.

I’m the uncomfortable truth that

“winners” go on living

in their pale pale suits

while some people just go on to die.

I’m nobody’s friend

doesn’t mean I don’t cry.

Do I waste your time?

I’m an urban obstacle,

I’m 50 cents in a ratty ratty cup

one short glance

and how’s your peace of mind?

Am I a waste of your time?

Brother, was I worth a dime?

I’m an urban obstacle

I’m two two steps to the side

cause I’m that uncomfortable truth

that win or lose

we all gonna die.

Hope my name is Lazarus:

hope yours ain’t “man with the purple robes”.

Hope God don’t say “who’s that guy?”

Be hard to tell em,

I was just savin time

One comment

  1. This poem is so cool! See, you’ve got the talent! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

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