girl in dream

girl in dream by Digital Witness
girl in dream, a photo by Digital Witness on Flickr.

my life is like a dream

and my waking moments

are like wandering stars

and who can capture them?

I live in the ever approaching distance

between the seconds

I see tomorrow’s horizon

the same as todays

the same as yesterdays

and my life

like a dream

is in the hands of God

His hands

are big enough

to capture the wandering stars

and girls

whose lives

are like a dream



  1. beemichael

    Awesome – love this so much – PS ‘typo in the quote’ of the day 😉 #justsaying

  2. B you are right! Good catch on the typo! Do you know how many times I mis-spell quote that way? I don’t know why. Thanks B, you are the best!!

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